Geographers have had to suffer swipes and asides from their history counterparts for years.   'Its just about maps and rivers, isn't it?' or 'Geography? More like colouring in time!'  chortle chortle...

But Geography and History have so much in common that they are really sister subjects. Social Geography examines the way the world works today while physical Geography can tell us about our past and future.  

Similarly, in this day and age I cannot think of a more important subject to teach young people than Religious Education.  A solid, balanced RE curriculum helps children to understand people from a ll walks of life, cutters and religions as well as let them debate ethical issues of the day.  In my opinion this can only bring us all closer together as a society.

My teaching resources are created for specialists and non-specialists alike so that whether you are a 30 year classroom veteran or a home-schooler, your students will have a thorough understanding of the topics being studied.


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