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My name is Ms Hughes and welcome to my website.  My aim is to help young people to develop their interest in the world around them and active learners.  

Having been a class teacher for eighteen years I have a wide range of experience and knowledge to draw on in my quest. My love History but I have taught Geography, Religious Studies, Biology, English and for one memorable year, Computer Studies.   I've been a head of department in a large comprehensive, a Lead Teacher for curriculum and CPD and a Senior Teacher in charge of curriculum development in an integrated school.  where ever I am, my passion is to teach young people in a way that engages them and suits their need. Having worked with many, many talented and wonderful colleagues across the curriculum I have learned so much about this job and I want to share anything I can that may help others.

A few years ago I was honoured to win the national Jamie Oliver and You Tube Dream Teacher Competition for History.  It involved explaining a complex GCSE concept simply in a video.  If you want to see all seven winners CLICK HERE.


I have a great deal of experience teaching GCSE and A Level History, with a particular interest in 19th Century British and 20th Century Russian History topics.  I also specialise in Local History at secondary level.  Check out this article I co-wrote for the Historical Association's Teaching History CLICK HERE

'Ms Hughes Teaches' brings together my blog, teaching  videos and resources in one place.   Here is where you'll find out about giveaways, freebies and other important events so follow my blog and keep up to date.

I hope this site can support you on your journey to wherever that may be; as a teacher or student, home schooler or a fellow history fan!

Happy travels!


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