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Stay alert? I can barely stay awake!

As we entered goodness knows what number day of Covid lockdown (three thousand hundred, 950 hundred and 22 eleventh 12 if you’re Priti Patel) the messaging in the U.K. changed from stay at home to stay alert. After weeks of home schooling and distance teaching as well as going into work for key worker and vulnerable students, I can barely stay awake.

And now I have to decide if we will be sending our boy back to primary school after half term. He needs the stimulation and goodness knows we could do with the time to work from home without interruptions for snacks and play. But it needs to be safe, for him and the teachers. By sending my boy in I’m exposing him (though he may have already had it) but I’m also exposing a fellow teacher who could maybe, otherwise, stay at home.

Despite both being key workers we have kept him home from the start for this reason and just worked around it. So is tricky to change now

We’ve provisionally accepted a place for June so that his school can plan but they know we can change out minds if things change.

So I guess we have play it by ear. And in the mean time we’ll ‘stay alert’ whatever that means.

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