This fun and engaging lesson can be taught as a stand alone activity or as part of a larger unit on castles in the Middle Ages.


In this 15 slide lesson the students have to work in groups to plan an attack 'Welwyn Castle'. They have 3000 groats to spend and a 'shopping list' of items they can use. each item has a price and so they have to use their maths skills to remain in budget.


There is a link to the siege scene from the Russell Crow Robin Hood movie which the students can watch before they begin planning. The aim is to develop their understanding of why castles had to develop as methods of attack changed in a Medieval arms race.


Each group should write out their plan on the worksheet provided and can draw out the attack plans on the sheet containing the castle drawing. I get my classes to present back to the class with their ideas.


The extension task could easily take up another hours lesson as the students should use what they have found out about attacking castles to design their own medieval castle. They should think about how they could defend themselves as well as how to fight back against attackers.


My classes have always found this a fun and challenging activity and it has even resulted in pupils building their own castles at home for display!



* 15 slide animated PowerPoint presentation with annotations for teacher guidance.

*  3 worksheets.



Attack the Castle! Medieval Conquest Lesson


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