In 1066 William, Duke of Normandy won the Battle of Hastings defeating King Harold and beginning the Norman Conquest of England.

When he came to the throne, William I faced many problems. This lesson gets the students to think what those problems might have been and to come up with their own solutions.
The second part fo the lesson focuses on the Harrying of the North when the Normans put down rebellions from the Saxons.

The students have to work in groups to devise a lesson teaching the rest of the class about one of three rebellions. The rest of the class have to complete a table with the information.

The tables have been differentiated with sentence starters for students who might struggle.

The lesson contains:
-12 page powerpoint
-2x table to fill in (one is differentiated)
-an information sheet with details about the three main rebellions (one used per group)
-One speaking frame to help structure a conversation between pupils in the starter.
-A thought bubble sheet for their ideas.

I use this lesson as the first in a series about how William conquered England. You can find the other lessons in store now!

The Harrying of the North! How did William the Conqueror use force?

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